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Exercise Clinic


Looks like a Gym, Thinks Like a Doctor.

For people who want what is best for their body.

HealthOut is an exercise and lifestyle clinic. Like a clinic, we have professionals who are looking out for your health and using their expertise to help you. Like a gym, we are providing a place with premium equipment for you to be regularly physically active with other health conscious people like you.


Our Story

"I want everyone to have access to world class, health related fitness and lifestyle services."

- Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND







Mobilize Stabilize Energize


3 Workouts.  Unlimited Possibilities.

Generally accepted guidelines recommend certain frequencies, intensities, types and durations of physical activity - these are well known as FITT principles. Our holistic approach allows every person to have their own unique FITT prescription.   

Mobilize Grey Figure.jpg


These HealthOuts improve and maintain flexibility as well as improve posture.  For someone that already does strength training and/ or cardio training on their own, 2 Mobilize sessions per week can add balance to your workout week. 

Stabilize Grey Figure.jpg


These HealthOuts improve and maintain your joint stability and muscular strength.  Experts and novices will refine their technique, as well as experience injury prevention and better recovery from exercise.  

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These HealthOuts promote healthy metabolism and provide our more advanced clients with added variety and challenge. We do not recommend anyone starts with these sessions, they are intense and often involve complex movements.  

Don't Just Workout


Don't Just workout...healthout!

Our promise is our difference

We prioritize your health and well being above other decisions, and this changes everything we do.

You get expert advice...not sales pitches.  You get professional and respectful language, not slang and curse words. And you get gradual fitness and health improvements, not empty promises and injuries.


More Expertise

Personal training certifications require weeks of education - we think it should be years. We hire licensed health care professionals such as physios or athletic therapists and combine their expertise with experienced exercise professionals.

Better Equipment

Our mixed elastic flooring is 5-10 times more absorptive than a typical fitness floor, it is cleaner, and it doesn't smell like chemicals. Our use of pneumatic exercise equipment is joint friendly and allows us to utilize functional, full body movements.

Individual Prescription

Every body is different, and we offer each person their own unique movement prescription that respects their values, health history, and of course, their physical differences.  This prescription can evolve over time depending on what stage of life you are at and what your current lifestyle is. 


Typical workouts are often harming their customers as much as they are benefiting them. HealthOut takes this Risk: Benefit ratio very seriously, and because of this, there are some exercises that we don't do.  Follow our Don't Workout campaign to learn more about how to turn your Workout into a HealthOut.  

Metrics and More

HealthOut pays attention to what you are doing, both in the gym and out of the gym so you can stay on track for better health.  Our tracking tools, wearables and App will help to keep you and rest of your health team up to date with your fitness progress.  They allow HealthOut to take a team approach to your health, and work alongside your doctor, physio or other health care provider.  

Ethical Community

You trust your doctor because you know they are knowledgable and they promise to use that knowledge to protect your health.  HealthOut is bringing that mindset to fitness, and we hope to "bring health back to fitness". In an industry that is fraught with unethical practices and unprofessionality, HealthOut promises to never 'lose the plot' and to prioritize your health at all times.