NEW - Assessment at HealthOut

New Services at HealthOut

After a year of refining our Mobilize, Stabilize, Energize approach to group exercise, HealthOut is ready to take the next step by offering new services that will help make our approach even smarter and more accessible to everyone.  Here are some of our new offerings:

- New Assessment - The "HEALTH-IN"
- New Ultra Small Class - PREPARE
- Active Rehab - ICBC and other Insurance Services
- Private Training
- Mom's Only - Our post-partum exclusive group

Why the Changes?

Mobilize, Stabilize, Energize were created so that group exercise could be prescribed in a more rational way that is better suited to your health goals.  I am confident that we are succeeding in this fashion, but I think its also important to point out some of the limitations of group exercise:

  1. Workouts should be part of a bigger strategy

    • Showing up for workouts doesn't make you healthy, staying active and making great choices all week long makes you healthy.  Given the amount of time and money that people invest in their fitness, it always surprises me how little time they spend reflecting and planning their routines appropriately.

  2. Understanding where to start

    • Figuring out where to start can be challenging.  Assessing readiness for physical activity is difficult without actually doing it - this is why I created the Health In assessment - its like a clinic visit that gradually turns into a workout!

  3. Groups can be an intimidating starting point.

    • Our assessment will give you an idea where you are at - we can then tell you whether or not you will feel overwhelmed, and perhaps even recommend personal training or lifestyle activities as a starting point if need be.

  4. Everyone has their weak spots/ Unique needs

    • Group workouts have to be generalized, and as such, they will not target all of your unique weaknesses and imbalances.  Small amounts of time invested in understanding those weaknesses and what you can do about them can pay off big in the long term.

  5. Health Professionals want to be 100% confident

    • Health professionals have worked hard to get their patients better - our new assessment and private services allow for more one-on-one attention in order to better understand activity readiness, ensure proper exercise form, and to more gradually transition clients from on stage to another. 

  6. Group fitness sessions are like bricks, personal sessions are like mortar. 

    • Think of your workouts and lifestyle physical activity as the bricks in your physical activity wall, and the professional one-on-one/ private sessions as the mortar between those bricks that help the wall stay organized and in place. 

I like to think of our Mobilize, Stabilize, and Energize HealthOuts as building blocks in your activity routine, and the introduction of these additional services as the additional mortar we need to hold everything in the right place while creating something smooth, seamless...and great!

A New Order

For the first year at HealthOut, customers could start at the business in any way that they choose: preferably with an assessment first, but they could also keep it simple by moving straight toward trying a HealthOut to see what they think of the business.  After comparing the results of clients taking either approach, we have decided that the 'assessment and plan' first approach is overwhelmingly better, and thus it is now strongly recommended to be assessed first, as well as periodically during your journey.

Here is our new and improved process that we will be following at HealthOut:

  1. Assessment (Health-In)

  2. Personalized Plan

  3. Individual or Small Group Intro Sessions

  4. Group HealthOuts

  5. Enjoy your life

  6. Repeat step 1 and 2 on occasion/ as needed.Health-In Assessment

The Assessment

Our new assessment is created out of necessity - there is a common gap between the clinic and the gym, and HealthOut is filling that gap.  It is difficult to tell exactly how a patient will do with exercise or 'workouts' until you actually get them sweaty and see them move.  

Our assessment starts by discussing your current lifestyle and medical history, and gradually transitions you into a progression of our 7 different movement patterns and core stability exercises that become more challenging with every stage.  By breaking functional movements (like the squat or lunge) down into smaller steps, we can more effectively isolate the 'sweet spot' where you will have the right amount of challenge when prescribing a routine for you.  Performing your future activity in this 'sweet spot' is so important for 3 reasons:

  • It is safer

  • You will improve faster

  • You will feel like you are winning, and will enjoy your activity more.

Your assessment stops at the point in which you reach that sweet spot and goes no further until your next assessment, which would occur in about 3-6 months. 

After discussing the result of your assessment you are now ready to set your weekly RPA (recommended physical activity) which would likely include a combination of lifestyle activity, HealthOuts, workouts and/ or some corrective/ recovery activities that you can perform on your own at home. 

As the old saying goes, "with knowledge come power", and I firmly believe this assessment will empower you in your physical activity journey.

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