Your Reasons to HealthOut - Try this Motivational Activity

A Better #Motivation

Do pictures of physically attractive people motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle? Based on the number of times this happens on social media, you would think that its a great way to get motivated. However, what we know about motivational science suggests that this is a limited view of motivation.

So what works to enhance motivation? How come some people seem to effortlessly lead a healthy lifestyle, while for others it seems like torture? One answer is that their beliefs and attitudes about health and healthy behaviours are different. Individuals that are able to make long-term lifestyle changes can often recite to you 3 or more reasons for eating smart or exercising regularly. More importantly, one person's 3 reasons might be completely different from another person's 3 reasons - how do you make an Instagram post to keep both people motivated?

Psychologists that practice a method called Motivational Interviewing (MI) are keenly aware of how dialogue, both internal and external, can help shape our beliefs and attitudes.  MI professionals encourage their patients to not only discuss their health goals, but also facilitate discussion around what those health goals mean to them and how each individual stands to benefit from making change. This discussion is extremely powerful because it allows each person to make their own connection to the specific benefits that they value, in their own words and in their own minds.  The theory is that this process not only shapes healthier beliefs, but also brings those beliefs top of mind so that everyday healthy decisions are easier to make. 

With this in mind, I would like to invite you to take part in a motivational activity that could not only benefit you, but could also benefit others.  All you have to do is answer one question - "What are your reasons to lead a healthy lifestyle?".  It is completely anonymous, and it is my hope that through reflecting and sharing reasons with one another, we are all more likely to make healthier choices. It has no close date - save the link so you can come back to it whenever you don't feel motivated.  

Thank you to the team at Thought Exchange for setting this up.  Click the button below to take part in our exchange - don't be shy, its good for you, and you might help some other people as well!