Energize Your Run Video - Strength Training for Running

Does Strength Training Help the Distance Runner?

Being a well rounded athlete helps - you probably can't find a fitness expert who will disagree with this statement.  The anaerobic (strength and power) and aerobic (endurance) energy systems of the body are intertwined, and it is impossible to use one without training the other.  If one becomes weak, it can actually prevent the other from progressing, it's finding the right balance for you that can be tricky.

Here are some signs that you might benefit from more strength training:

  • You get passed when running hills.
  • You get passed at the finish line.
  • You get passed :)
  • Your short distance and long distance speeds are almost the same.
  • You always have a nagging, chronic injury.
  • No matter how hard you try to recover, you get overtrained. 
  • Your running speeds have plateaued.
  • Aesthetically speaking - it is hard tell where your legs end and your glutes begin!

Any of the above apply to you?  Okay, here are some tips for integrating strength training to improve your running.

  • Make sure you are rested - you are asking your body to use a maximal amount of muscle fibers when strength training, and this won't happen if you just went for a PB the day before. 
  • Use movements that mimic running and utilize similar muscle groups - for instance lunges, split squats or step ups vs squats or bench press.
  • Do strength training in your off season and base training phases, and taper it back during the periods before competition. 
  • Emphasize muscles that can typically become underutilized, like the the gluts and hamstrings. 
  • Get some supervision and guidance - its way easier to learn to do things right the first time than to unlearn your bad habits later.

Will Healthing Out make me faster?

The simple answer is this: 

  • Energize to Run Faster
    • Energize sessions are intense - we help you improve strength and both types of power, anaerobic and aerobic.
  • Mobilize and Stabilize to Stay in the Game
    • Mobilize will help you recover better, even in the week previous to competition even.
    • Stabilize is as hard as you want to make it - it could replace a training day from time to time, or you can bring down the intensity and it becomes a great injury prevention and body balancing session.

ABH - Always be Healthing

No matter where you are in your sport or health journey, HealthOut has a supervised activity that is right for you.  That's the beauty of Mobilize, Stabilize, Energize. 

The step up is a great strength training exercise for runners - especially if you are looking to climb hills better or accelerate quickly from time to time.

In typical HealthOut fashion, this video demonstrates 3 ways you can "Energize" the step up - with resistance, speed, and complexity.

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