Sitting at Work Video - HealthOut's 7 in 1 Exercise for Better Posture

Try this video every 30 minutes when you are sitting, one minute per side, and see how it changes your body for the better.

Sitting has several negative effects on your posture - instead of giving you individual exercises to fix each aspect of your posture, HealthOut invented one exercise that helps to deal with most of them at once! These negative effects include:

  • Upper Neck Extension and Forward Head Posture
  • Spinal Flexion and "Creep" of the discs in your spine
  • Hip flexor tension - Protracted and downwardly rotated shoulders (AKA slouching!)
  • Pooling of blood in the legs (Okay, okay, I know that one is not posture, but this point is very important)
  • Pronated forearms from typing/ desk work.

This exercise will activate your multifidus, VMO, lower trap, external rotators, calf muscles, abs, and deep cervical flexors - ALL AT ONCE!

This is one serious exercise, but make sure you master each portion individually first if you don't fully understand each move.

HealthOut is a boutique fitness studio located in Downtown Vancouver BC, offering fitness training for the customer who wants expert guidance for a cost effective price, delivered in a professional but also fun and social environment. Don't just workout, HealthOut!!