Mobilize Your Golf Swing - Video

Flexibility plays a large role in a golf performance. In particular, rotational flexibility in the hips and upper back can limit a player's ability to generate the 'lag' necessary to create high speeds for greater distance when swinging. 

Work on the aspect of your hip flexibility that is limiting you and watch your drives get longer and perhaps more consistent.

Improve your Golf, Tennis, Baseball, or other twisting sports:

Do you know what 'lag' is?  It's when you wind up your body and then snap it quickly to generate speed, like a whip.  Its what you do when you throw, swing, or kick something in sports.

Check out the video of the week if you want to improve your power and balance for golf or any other twisting sports.



Recently at HealthOut

Saturdays are becoming more popular - we are adding an additional energize session at 7.45 am and it will be followed by a Mobilize session at 9 am.  Special thanks to RYU for adding to our growth and for believing in the importance of our thoughtful, 'health first' approach.

Also there were lots of new faces last week at HealthOut, it was great to meet you! 

It was also great to see some people get their heart rates get up even higher in the mobilize and stabilize sessions this week.  Not only are you improving your metabolic fitness, but also your balance, strength, posture, flexibility, and coordination...all in one hour of exercise!  Once you get the hang of Healthing Out, it becomes a very time-efficient experience.

DR. Ryan Oughtred, ND



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