2018 FIFA World Cup at HealthOut - Mobilize, Stabilize & Energize Images

The 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia has begun! Every week, HealthOut is going to highlight some key moments and break them down from a physiological perspective so that you can understand how you can be like the best in the world. 

The health related aspects of fitness that HealthOut is built upon are not only essential for great health, but are also the fundamentals for the astounding acts of athleticism that you will see on the pitch over the next month.  Here are some images of Mobilize, Stabilize, and Energize in action at the FIFA World Cup so far.



Without mobility and flexibility, football players can't reach their leg out to trap or control a ball effectively.  Hip flexibility in all ranges of motion are particularly important - notice how all of the above photos show the hip joint (which around their groin areas) are not only extremely bent forward and backward, but also rotated all of the way outward as well as inward.  To aid in that rotation, the upper back must also rotate effectively as you can see in the first photo.



Traditional strength training methods can never match the various different positions that a footballer might find themselves needing strength for.  At HealthOut Fitness, we choose strength training exercises that use one leg at a time (not 2) and rotational exercises that stress all of the small muscles of your body that are needed for activities like changing direction, balancing while kicking a ball, or controlling your posture and balance while defending another player.



Football players have phenomenal levels of cardiorespiratory power as well as a anaerobic power - this means they can not only jump high and run fast, but do it over and over again and resist fatigue.  Football players achieve high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness without going for long runs or performing excessive laps around the field; in fact, they avoid these activities because they can potential slow athletes down and lead to chronic injury.  At HealthOut, we operate in a similar fashion, achieving plenty of aerobic fitness by performing activities in an alternating fashion (intervals) so that we can work the body in a more holistic fashion with higher quality of movement.  

HealthOut is a Gym located in Downtown Vancouver, offering health related fitness training in small group format, in a prescribed and 'form first' fashion to help people make the most of their time and lead more fulfilling lives.

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