Hamstring Mobility Video - But Do You Need it?

You might not need to stretch your hamstrings as much as you think.  Learn about how to self assess your Hamstring mobility, as well as learn 3 different versions of hamstring stretches.

Fast forward video to 1:30 for the demonstration of the hamstring stretches without having to listen to Dr. Oughtred ramble on.

Should you Stretch your Hamstrings?

Stretching and mobilizing is best when it is done in a targeted way, in the areas of your body that need it the most. I recommend everyone sees a health professional at least once, in order to learn which unique areas of the body need to be stretched more than others.  In this way, you can make the most of your time and also bring the body into balance - stretching too much in one way, or on muscle that doesn't need it can actually cause imbalance.

This month's video helps you self assess your hamstring flexibility and follows that up with teaching you 3 different versions of the stretch. 


When Should you Stretch?

Your muscles are more pliable after physical activity, you will improve your range of motion more by performing your mobility exercises at this time. I do not recommend you get up and start stretching first thing in the morning - wait at least an hour, and then try to make your stretching more active.

Don't bother with static stretching before activity unless it is something that is adversely affecting your movement, for instance if you are lacking terminal knee extension on one side, and improving it would help you walk or run more evenly.

All exercise is an opportunity to improve your mobility, especially when you focus in having proper form. For instance, when you do a split squat properly, you are improving your hip flexor mobility, or when you do a single leg deadlift you are improving your hamstring mobility. Some exercises are 'bigger' than others, and if you don't like static stretching, that's fine, you can get your flexibility work through your exercise selections.


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