Hip Stability Workout with Bands - For better Football and Life

Stabilize Your Hips for Football...

For football, or just life, this is one of my favorite routines to do when I want to stabilize my hips and get a good sweat when working out outside or while traveling.

All Football, All Week!

The FIFA world cup of soccer is in full swing and HealthOut is getting in the spirit:

  • Come HealthOut with us and watch the games - there is no charge, just bring your smiles and enthusiasm. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are the days.  Bring your friends!
  • HealthOut (and family) will be on the street - Friday July 6th, bringing some healthy community to the park at the base of Hornby (Hastings to Cordova).  We will have a football challenge with prizes and our weekly themes of Mobilize, Stabilize, and Energize for football will be demonstrated.  COME SAY HI!
  • This week's video theme is Stability of the hips for football - its a routine I often use while on the road for travel as well, all you need is a band.


What's a Canugget? 

Our kids (the Canuggets), Max, Koa, and Zadie will be around this week to audit sessions, help out, and in Zadie's case, give you a look that says 'is that the best you can do?'.  Bring your kids this week if you want to come watch any of the football with us.

See you at HealthOut!

 - Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND

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