What's Bugging You? HealthOut Wants to Know!

Marketing sucks but YOU are amazing!

HealthOut is nearing it's one year birthday soon, and thanks to YOU, we will still be in business. Your referrals and word of mouth are helping to drive HealthOut into 2019, and we are almost there so please don't stop talking about us!  We have spent a lot of time and money on marketing HealthOut, with very limited results, and quite frankly, we are 'over it'!  Its time for HealthOut to turn its focus toward doing what it does best - HELPING YOU! 


Bring us one thing we can help with?

Instead of spending even more time trying to find new customers, I want to spend time with each and every one of you to help you with one thing. What better way to grow our community than to build more positive stories that we can tell others about! Perhaps you can come into Healthout 30 minutes early and we could go through your stretches or weekly routine?  Or maybe you would like a video for traveling this summer so you can stay on track with your fitness?  Simply have a topic or question or topic that is bugging you?  Maybe you have diet questions, or you want to help a friend out, there is no topic too obscure!  HealthOut wants to go the extra mile for you, and in exchange I may ask some of you if you don't mind sharing this story with others when we are done.

1 referral to 'lift off'

If each of you could help us to find one more person (or business) that believes in what HealthOut is doing and is motivated to get involved, I am confident that this business will be taking off and ready to lead the way into 2019.  Thanks again for all of your support!


New Booking System!

Based on your feedback, we have changed booking systems to Mindbody. Unfortunately, this means that the next time you go to login at healthout.ca (not your old links), you will have to reset your password.  Be sure you login using the same email address - which is likely the same address this message was sent to.  Once into your account your previous credits should be present, and once the time comes to purchase again, you will have to re-enter your CC info. 

Thanks for your patience with this, and I hope that the change helps to make your HealthOut experience even better. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me.

That's all!!  I hope you enjoy the world cup today!

Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND

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