Energize Your Vertical Jump

Max wants to know - how do athletes jump so high!?  Practice!

Its the last week of the FIFA world cup! There have been some impressive acts of athleticism, and for our last football themed video, my son Max helps me demonstrate and Energize video to help you improve your vertical jump. 

Here are some principles to remember when working to achieve more power:

  • Create a separate jump workout - don't do jumps as an add on to your routine, try to do them separately.  If you must do them with your routine, then perform them immediately after your warm up when you are the most fresh.
  • Ensure full recovery - take long rests between sets, and take an extra day off before repeating your jump efforts if you are not feeling 100%.
  • Work at maximal speed - you must put 100% effort toward each and every repetition so that you can recruit as many of your nerves and muscles at one time.  Warm up adequately, get focused and give it everything you have got!
  • Keep it simple to prevent injury - if you have limited experience with jumping, you should not perform this week's routine - instead it is better to pick simple activities like skipping, drop squats and box jumps to ready your tissues for many months and gradual progress.

Improve your vertical jump by performing this routine 2 times per week.  For intermediate to advanced athletes only.

Warm up 20 minutes.  Then perform each of the following for 2 sets with 90 seconds rest between each:

Quick feet drills - 20 seconds
Split Squat Jump X 16
Ankle Hops X 20
Forward Bounding X 10
Depth Jump X 10

If you are going to jump with 110% effort, perhaps some inspiration will help you put in that extra effort?

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