Motivation Part 2 - Reasons NOT to Act Healthy


Focus on my reasons NOT to make healthy lifestyle choices? 

Motivation 102 - reasons NOT to change

Motivation is not just about understanding the ways you want your life to be different, its about understanding the things that are motivating you to stay the same. By understanding these reasons to maintain the satus quo you can potentially decrease the ambiguity you may be experiencing when trying to make better choices every day. Put simply, this activity can help to lessen the 'tug of war' that many experience inside themselves when trying to decide what to eat or whether or not they should get up early and do that workout.

When you click the button below, you will be taken to a Thought Exchange in which you will share your reasons to maintain status quo, as well as you will rate whether other people's reasons are similar to yours. 

Try it.  Its good for you (probably).