Drop Squats - Drop Before you Jump Video

Drop Squats - Drop Before you Jump

For those of you that have been participating in our Energize sessions, you may have noticed that we have been focusing more on drop squats.  This is partly due to the time of year (many of you are up skiing and snowboarding on the weekends) as well as the stage of progression that many of you are at (many of you are ready to start learning to do jumps properly).  Here are some facts about drop squats that you may be interested in:

  • Drop Squats are Therapeutic

    • Drop squats selectively train your tendons and other passive tissues to make them stronger, as well as train your neuromotor system to move quickly and with better balance. 

  • Drop Squats are Fundamental to Jumping

    • If you can't do a drop squat with good form, then you likely can't land from a jump with good form either.  Don't expect your form from your kettlebell squats to automatically translate to your everyday activities, you need things like drop squats to help bridge the gap between the gym and real life.

  • Drop Squats Prepare you for the Unpredictable

    • Dropping and catching yourself is something that everyone needs to be able to do when unstable surfaces present themselves, the drop squat helps to prevent injury in this scenario. 

  • Drop Squats are good Physical Comedy

    • As you will see from my video, dropping really fast can be an excellent way to goof around and get attention, I highly recommend it.