Where there is fun, there is Twisting

Do you move in 3D?

We had many mew faces at HealthOut this past month - welcome!  One of the things you may have noticed is that we integrate a lot of exercises with twisting, resistance from the side, and exercises performed while balancing on one foot.  As difficult as some of these movement might seem at first, they are worth it, and your body is likely deficient in them already, so hang in there and see how they change your life for the better.

Most physical activity routines have plenty of movements that are linear (AKA the Sagittal plane): squats, lunges, biking, push ups, rowing, bicep curls, burpies, olympic lifts, and pretty much any exercise that involves a machine, are straight ahead movements.  But your body is 3 dimensional, and failing to work your body in all planes can not only lead to pain, but also limits your enjoyment of the things you probably think of as fun, such as sports, dancing, hiking, playing, or doing basic movements as part of your hobbies such as gardening. 

So, I invite you to do a quick check in and ask yourself if your weekly routine is being performed in 3D:

  • The frontal plane is worked when you stand on one foot and place resistance from the side of your body - preferably these activities would be done in a functional, standing position most of the time, but laying on your side and lifting a leg, crunching on a ball, or performing planks from time to time works too. 

  • The transverse plane is worked any time you twist.  It is an underutilized plane and very beneficial for your spine and your posture.  Sports almost always involve twisting, so they help to 'check the box', but they are often imbalanced from side to side, and may not work a full range of possible motions.  Laying on your side and twisting, doing hip rotations (clamshells), performing upper body and core stability exercises with one arm only vs. 2, doing twisting crunches, and of course twisting with the cables from the side at HealthOut are all examples of transverse plane exercises. 

But talk is cheap, instead of reading about how you can exercise more in 3D, you could just book your sessions for next week right now.

See you at HealthOut,

Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND