HealthOut Goes on the Road with the Band

Take Your HealthOuts Everywhere

This week's video reminds you that you don't need fancy equipment to exercise.  For instance, our pneumatic pulley systems at HealthOut can easily be replicated by using an elastic band type of resistance wrapped around anything that is stable - a tree outside is one of my favourites!  Elastic bands can travel easily with you, and they are the only type of fitness equipment I often travel with.  Check the video below for some suggested HealthOut exercises you can do at home or on the road.

Limited Deal - Personalized Workout Routine

Stay tuned this month for some special offers - these will all be of limited quantity and almost always holistic in nature, just like HealthOut.  Follow us on IG and FB for more.

Our first offer is designed to empower you to workout on your own, outside of HealthOut.  Seems like a terrible business idea right?  You need to stay active no matter where you are, and we want to help design you a program you can do anywhere.  This package includes:

  • One Initial Visit with Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND

  • One individualized, written plan summarizing your HealthOut as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.

  • One Video that outlines your exercise routine

  • 5 Private exercise sessions with one of our trainers (learn to do your movements properly, and stay on track through the summer)

The regular combined value of this package is $565 - our special rate is $395 to the first 3 people that reply by clicking the button below.  All components of this program expire Sept 15. If you have extended health care, you can utilize your Naturopathic allowance for $175 and decrease your program cost to $220.

Sold! I want that deal.

What's a HealthOut Hat Trick?

A HealthOut Hat Trick is when someone completes all 3 types of HealthOuts - Mobilize, Stabilize, Energize - in one week.  Its best to exercise with different movements and different intensities throughout the week, and the HealthOut Hat Trick celebrates that. 

Why not book your Hat Trick right now? 

Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND