Hat Tricks Are Good For You

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Hat Tricks are good for you?

A Hat Trick at HealthOut is achieved by participating in all 3 of our different group workouts in one week. Its not a way for us to sell services, its a way for us to remind you how important it is to have an holistic approach to your physical health.  Your body benefits from being physically active every day,  and it benefits much more when you vary the intensities and types of activities chosen.  HealthOut's Mobilize, Stabilize, and Energize exercise sessions 'leave no stone unturned' with regards to your physical health - when you score a Hat Trick, your whole body experiences improvements in:

  • Strength (safely)

  • Flexibility (in the right places)

  • Posture

  • Balance (love/hate those foam pads!)

  • Joint Stability (hello Gluteus Medius)

  • Coordination

  • Power (love those Keiser pullies)

  • Speed (ladders, treadmills, fun)

  • Endurance (heart monitors are truth'o'meters)

If you exercise the same way all of the time, your body stops improving itself, you get bored, and you are more likely to get injured.  Let us help you plan your workout week, stay safe, and make the most of your time.  With a little support and guidance, everyone can be scoring hat tricks in their exercise routine ... and in life :)

Share the Hat Tricks

HealthOut depends on your word of mouth referrals.  Do you think a more balanced approach to physical activity is important and 'share worthy'?  Then please pass this on to others. 

New customers can purchase a Hat Trick - 3 HealthOuts for the price of one.  And as usual, you can always bring a new customer in with you and the session is on us. 

Thanks again for helping to grow HealthOut!

Now...Hat Tricks are easy to achieve here at HealthOut, but its best if you book them in advance!

 - Dr. Ryan Oughtred, ND

HealthOut is a Downtown Vancouver Gym/ Health Clinic that offers 3 health related fitness workouts, personal training, and lifestyle guidance so you can get the most from your body.