HealthOut FAQ #1...What does HealthOut Cost?

Only $29?

Are you Sure?

When you attempt to sign up and pay for a HealthOut, our most up to date pricing will appear.  At the time of this post, the cost of a HealthOut is $29. I know, you must be thinking, how could a professional service like this be so inexpensive?!  It's because HealthOut visits are delivered in small group format, and we do so in an intelligent way, so as to ensure your quality remains high.

Can I buy a 10 pack?

No, our 1 visit price is our volume price. We could advertise our 1 Visit price as $34 and then offer a bunch of different volume rates and confusing long term pricing schemes for you - like the rest of the fitness industry does. HealthOut is professional, and our pricing scheme is simple and professional to match.  We don't want to induce you into paying for more visits than you need, if you like what HealthOut is doing, then please come visit us more! 

No volume discount?  What is the benefit to coming more frequently?

Believe it or not, this question has been asked.  Okay, I guess I need to say experience better health, and then better health leads to less pain, less injury, more happiness, more fun, better moods, better social life, longer life, better sports performance, more energy...I could keep listing more but I am sure you have a life to get on living!