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I created HealthOut because I wanted my patients to have a more reliable, ethical, and health related fitness solution.  HealthOut is the boutique fitness business that both your doctor and your best friend would recommend. We are professional, ethical, and methodical in our work, and we promise to never lose sight of what is most important - your patient's health and well being.


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What is HealthOut?

  1. An Exercise and Lifestyle Clinic

    • It looks like a gym, but it thinks like a health professional, performing assessments and creating individualized lifestyle plans toward better health.

  2. A Therapy

    • You can choose to use Healthout like a dispensary for physical activity - just write a script and we will follow it.

  3. A Method

    • Our method mirrors basic rehab science as well as generally accepted medical guidelines such as ACSM or CSEP.

  4. A Monitoring and Reporting Tool

    • HealthOut tracks progress, creates reports, and brings them to you.

What Does HealthOut do?

  1. We focus exclusively on the health related aspects of fitness.

    • No high risk movements, no bodybuilding, and no olympic lifting.

    • We promote healthy metabolisms, stable joints, proper poster, and adequate flexibility.

  2. Exercise appointments are delivered in one on one or small group format

    • Following our unique movement and lifestyle assessment, we can more confidently recommend the safest and most effective types of exercise.

  3. We prescribe physical activity just like any other therapy.

    • Our 3 workout options - Mobilize, Stabilize and Energize - allow for each patient to have an individualized exercise prescription. Our Prepare session is our educational exercise session that helps patients transition gradually into fitness without getting injured.

    • Each workout can be viewed on our website, and is described in plain language (no fitness slang) including a risk-benefit discussion, dosing, indications, cautions, and other content to help you or your patient make an informed decision.

  4. HealthOut operates like another health professional in your network.

    • When you make a referral to HealthOut, we get patient consent to release their fitness records so that their objective information can be shared back to you at a later date.

    • Not only do we track biometrics and aerobic fitness, but we also track whether or not your patient is following their prescription via our RPA app. We deliver all of this data to you so that you can fully assess whether your recommendations are having an impact.


Learn about RPA and our Mobilize, Stabilize, Energize activity prescription.

Physical activity is challenging to dose and measure reliably.  With our RPA (Recommended Physical Activity) application, you will be able to more accurately assess and monitory your patient's activity. 


Why Recommend HealthOut?

Most fitness businesses don't prioritize health to the same level as a health professional; this makes it hard for you to recommend or refer your patient out for supervised fitness services. You have to take a 'leap of faith' and hope that your patient has the good sense to make healthy choices. Here are some examples of how we put your patient's health first at HealthOut:

  • Our equipment is cleaner, safer and reduces wear on joints.

  • We hire licensed health professionals and exercise experts to design and supervise programs.

  • We never choose exercises that might have more risk than benefit.

  • We use gradual progressions of exercise variables to prevent injury.