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Moms’ bodies have different needs - now there’s a workout for that. (Actually it’s a HealthOut)


For all of you new mothers out there, HealthOut is proud to announce our first specialty session, the post partum HealthOut.  Typical group fitness offerings are not accounting for the specific needs of new mothers, and here are some examples of how HealthOut can help make a difference:

  • New Moms need more Stability

    • New mom's typically have increased joint laxity which increases their need to focus on the muscles in their body that provide stability.  The first 20 minutes of all of our sessions teach you how to properly control your joints and ready them for movement. 

  • Better Exercise Selection - Do No Harm

    • Typical exercise selections like sit ups, step ups, wide stance squats, kettlebell swings, planks or deadlifts, running, jumping - these may do you more harm than good and it is very hard to tell when you might be ready to try them (if ever).  We choose exercises that are challenging but also safe.

  • Gradual Progressions + Small Groups

    • The post-partum period should be thought of as a long rehab process - you need experts with you every step of the way to ensure that you are doing the right things at the right stage.  Our small groups ensure that you have 'eyes' watching to see when your form gets off track. 

  • Team Approach

    • We paired up with the great physical therapists at Reformotiv to individually assess what stage of the healing process you are at, so that you understand what you are ready for, and what you are not ready for.  Ruling out prolapse or pelvic muscular instability is recommended for everyone, not just those experiencing problems.

  • Social Support

    • The post partum period is often a psychologically challenging and socially isolating experience - a women's only group creates a safe space for women to connect and potentially support one another.

The healing of your body is not something to take lightly, and it is not something you can go back and start over once that window of time has passed. Take the extra time and effort after having a child to invest in your body and it will pay off in both the short, and long run.

Contact us if you have questions, and the session is available on our regular schedule now on Thursdays at 2 pm.  See you at HealthOut!

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