Bridge the Gap Between "Just a Gym Membership" and a Personal Trainer

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You want to keep fit and healthy.  You need a gym that works to your schedule to do that best.  But if you need more specialized training,  do you need a personal trainer?  Personal Trainers in Downtown Vancouver can offer great guidance and advice, especially if you have had injuries or other specialized needs, but they are expensive, and can have limited time available which may or may not fit your schedule. 

I created HealthOut to fill that gap in the middle. It is much more than a gym where you just pay your monthly membership and show up to do some weights when you can.  It is a gym that gives you a personalized plan, but avoids the cost and scheduling hassles of a personal trainer.  

At Healthout we have top staff and trainers that have the extensive experience and training that make them some of the best in their areas of expertise.  At Healthout, our members get a premium gym conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver to "HealthOut" at, small classes where the leader can give you personalized tips and advice, and we always have the time to put together a personalized program or discuss how you may need to modify exercises to suit your needs or avoid aggrevating old injuries.

We are also here to provide advice on diet and other aspects of healthy living, and provide a positive atmosphere and supportive team.  

If you are debating whether you need a personal trainer or just a gym in downtown Vancouver, please give us a call ( 1-604-681-8324 )

or email us ( ).  We can discuss whether HealthOut offers what you need.  

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