We recommend all new patients start with our unique assessment that is a hybrid between a clinic visit and an exercise session. It helps us understand your existing lifestyle and physical limitations so that we know where to start. Without the assessment, it is hard to know which exercise sessions are right for you, and we want to do everything we can to set you up for success.

Sign up online and we will reach out to you to set your initial visit.



Once we have reviewed your health history, current lifestyle and goals, we will explain the different health related aspects of fitness to you, making suggestions as to which areas are best for you to emphasize. 

We then help you set your RPA - your weekly Recommended Physical Activity goal.

This almost always includes corrective or recovery activities, workouts or activities that you can do on your own, as well as visits to HealthOut.



Our HealthOut process is a progression - starting with a one on one assessment and private sessions, and progressing you toward our HealthOut group sessions as you are ready. We even have a small group that is geared toward preparing you for larger group exercise.

Progressing you toward activities gradually helps make your experience not only safer, but also more effective and enjoyable.




Things change. Even though we are seeing you regularly, we still need to check in from time to time - we call this reassessment process the “Health-In”.

By investing a small amount of quality time with us from time to time, we can help you stay on track and make the most of your efforts to get healthy and stay that way.

We expect that your RPA will change over time, as your health, lifestyle, and goals change.